International Conference and Exhibition on
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Oct 08-09 | Lisbon, Portugal

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Future of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

The Evolution of Robotics

Benefits & Risks of Robots and AI

Impacts of Robotics artificial intelligence

Giving robots a faster grasp

Underwater Robotics, Climbing Robots

Nuclear-Swarm-Military Robotics

Cognitive Robotics & Neurosciences

Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning

Human-Robot Interaction


Artificial Intelligence Cultural Heritage

Machine Learning Methods

Data Mining & Science

Virtual reality artificial Intelligence

Criminal law artificial intelligence

3D Vision Enabled Robots

Principles of Artificial Intelligence

Reinforcement Learning and Deep learning

Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications

Natural Language Processing

Fuzzy logic & Systems

Hybrid Intelligent Systems

Reinforcement Learning and Deep learning

Prosthetics and Exo-skeleton Systems

Robotics & Automation

Human Detection & Tracking

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Genetic Algorithms & Robotics


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