2nd International Conference and Exhibition on
Nanotechnology and Nanoscience
August 18-19, 2020 | Miami, USA

Sir. Ruggero Maria Santilli

President at IBR, USA


Sir Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli is an Italo-American nuclear physicist. Mainstream scientists dismiss his theories as fringe science, which Santilli, in his turn, describes as a mainstream conspiracy against novel science. He is nominated several times for Nobel prize and Dr. R. M. Santilli received the highest possible education in Italy, emigrated in the USA with his family in 1967 following an invitation from the University of Miami, Florida, to conduct research under NASA support, after which he was in the faculty of Boston University, MIT, and Harvard University under support from NASA, USA FOSR and DOE. From 1985 on, Dr. Santilli has been Professor of Physics and President of The Institute for Basic Research originally located within the compound of Harvard University and moved to Florida in 1989. Dr. Santilli became a U. S. Citizen in 1986. He is the author of 325 papers in mathematics, physics and chemistry published in refereed journals, has written 20 Ph. D. level monographs in various fields, the founder of three scientific journals and the editor of various journals. For more details, please visit the full-length. Dr. Santilli has been the recipient of: the 1982 gold medal for scientific merits from the Universite'd'Orleans, France; the 1990 nomination by the Estonia Academy of Sciences "among the most illustrious applied mathematicians of all times"; the 2009 Mediterranean Prize; the 2009 scientific prize from the U. S. Sons of Italy; the 2011 scientific prize from Kathmandu University, Nepal. In 2011 he was recognized as an invited member of the European Society of Computational Methods; in 2016 he received the ICNPAA award at the University of La Rochelle, France; and in 2016 he received the Fray International Sustainability Award, granted at the SIPS International Conference, Hainan Island, China. Dr. Santilli has been nominated since 1987 for the Nobel Prize in Physics and, separately Chemistry. In September 2011, Dr. Santilli was knighted a first time on September 6, 2011 by the Republic of San Marino as a member of the millenary Equestrian Order of Sant'Agata., and a second time on May 31, 2018, by the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, For more details, please visit the website http://santilli-foundation.org/santilli-nobelnominations.html.

Magnus S Magnusson

Director, University of Iceland, Iceland


Magnus S Magnusson, Research Professor. Ph.D. in 1983, University of Copenhagen. Author of the T-pattern model and the corresponding detection algorithms in the T-pattern detection and Analysis software THEMETM (PatternVision.com). He has focused on real-time organisation of behavior, co-directed DNA analysis, published numerous papers and given invited talks and keynotes at universities in Europe, USA and Japan and at international conferences in ethology, psychology, neuroscience, mathematical sciences, science of religion, proteomics and mass spectrometry. Deputy Director 1983-1988 in the Museum of Mankind, National Museum of Natural History, Paris. Repeatedly invited Professor in psychology and ethology (the biology of behavior) at the University of Paris, V, VIII and XIII. Since 1991, Founder and Director of the Human Behavior Laboratory (hbl.hi.is), University of Iceland. He works in collaboration between now 32 universities on Methodology for the Analysis of Social Interaction (MASI) initiated in 1995 at the Sorbonne, Paris based on "Magnusson's analytical model

Qiang Zhu

Southern University, China


Qiang Zhu, graduated from Universität Erlangen- Nürnberg majoring in material science and obtained a Dr.-Ing. Degree in 1994. He works as member of academic committee of General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals, editor of Rare Metals, executive committee of International Semi-Solid Processing Technology Committee, expert of High Quality Special Steel and High Temperature Alloy of ministry of science and technology, expert of Beijing Science and Technology Award and Evaluation, expert of Nonferrous Metal Association. Dr. Zhu has carried out research projects of China-France cooperation project, National Natural Science Foundation of Germany, National Natural Science Foundation key project of UK and the life improvement project of the impeller and turbine for the key components of Cummins global turbocharger. Dr. Zhu gave a number of invited speeches to internationally well-known academic conferences as well as universities and enterprises, published more than 160 articles in international journals and academic conferences, edited and published an academic book as well as 1 International invention patent and 34 Chinese invention patents.

Xianfang Zhu

Director, Xiamen University, China


Prof. Xianfang Zhu is one of the earliest scientists who initialized nanoresearch in China in 1985 with over 30 years of research, teaching, and industrial experience in a wide range of materials (metal, ceramic, semiconductor, biomaterials, and polymer) science and engineering areas. He received PhD in Electronic Materials Engineering on nanostructures and their metastability in silicon induced by ion bombardment at the Australian National University in Canberra. Thereafter, he joined University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a postdoctoral researcher, working on the stability of nanostructures in semiconductors under energetic beams irradiation at the Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory to extend his concepts and explore nanoinstability under electron beam irradiation as well as to develop inorganic/organic coreshell nanostructure. He once also worked as associate professor at the Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; as a visiting scholar at National University of Singapore; as a senior researcher at the ODU Applied Research Centre in the Jefferson Lab; and as an assistant professor at the University of Georgia on fabrication of low dimensional nanostructures for potential nanotechnology and nanodevice applications. His current research interests are focused on structural instabilities of low dimensional nanostructures under external excitations, energetic beam nanoprocessing, controllable fabrication and growth of low dimensional nanostructures, controllable assembling and construction of large scale arrays of zero dimensional nanostructures, organic and inorganic hybrid at nanoscale, and functionalization of nanostructure etc. Prof. Zhu has (co-) authored over 100 publications, filed 10 patents, chaired; co-chaired, or served as committee or advisory board member at, over 40 international or national conferences, and presented over 80 invited lectures and talks at universities; research institutes; and major international conferences worldwide. He is editor-in-chief, associate editor or on editorial board of several international journals as well as an active referee for over 20 international journals such as Appl Phys Lett, Phys Rev Lett etc. He is presently the Director of the China-Australia Joint Laboratory for Functional Nanomaterials, an adjunct professor at The University of Queensland in Australia, and a full-time professor in the Department of Physics at Xiamen University in China, as well as the chief scientist for the AMAC International Inc., USA.

Kari Ullakko

LUT University, Finland


Kari Ullakko is Professor (tenured) and Head of the Material Physics Laboratory at LUT University. He has worked with several universities and companies in various countries and has led a number of international research teams and projects (Finland, EU and USA) and gained research funding over 23 Million euros. His discovery of the magnetic shape memory effect has created a new field of material science, engineering and technology. Ullakko´s first paper in this field has been cited over 2600 times. Ullakko has founded two high technology companies (in 1997 and 2015). Ullakko is a member of several international professional organizations and he was a Member of the Council of Natural Sciences and Engineering of the Academy of Finland during 2016-2018.

Yong Lei

Technical University Ilmenau, Germany


Prof. Yong Lei is a University Professor, Head (Fachgebietsleiter) of the group of Three-Dimensional Nanostructuring (Fachgebiet 3D-Nanostrukturierung), Institute of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Nature Sciences, Ilmenau University of Technology (Technische Universität Ilmenau).2008 Young Scientist Prize 2008 of the University of Muensterer (Nachwuchsforscherpreis des Förderkreises 2008 der WWU), 2009 ERC (European Research Council) Starting Grant (1.4 million Euros)

Kayyali Mohamed

Maxwell University, USA


Dr. Kayyali, Certified Healthcare Innovation Management from Harvard University at the HBS, a PhD & M. Sc (WCU), he is IEEE Industrial Officer of Morocco, and BCS (British Computer Society) Chartered Scientist & Fellow by the Royal Science Chartered of UK & Awarded BCS ELITE , his biography listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering and he has patent theory, he has many published conferences & journals papers and a book at the Library of Congress USA-, invited as key note speaker by U.N. & European Union's industry foundations International Conferences, he was a researcher visitor at the University of California- Santa Barbara UCSB, , he was executive manager at Trust Holding Dubai, , held Business Advisor at CMCE Dubai, also he has numbers of business management consulting works in Latin America, North Africa, Asia and Middle East, a V.P. of Kuwait & Moroccan console Chamber of Commerce & Industry at the CGEM, had a weekly radio "economic & business" program via Atlantic radio , held business advisor & CTO position at Urbasoft- Capital Consulting Group. Currently he is CEO / co-founder of 4D Business Consulting 4dbc.net - a Business Consulting firm founded in - Dubai & Morocco (a business advisory firm short listed by European Bank of Reconstruction & Developing ebrd.com), founder of ANAhost.net an ISP company in the U.S. , founder of timebusinessnews.com, president of Int. Federation of Green ICT and founder of KSF Space a U.K not for profit pace foundation.

Sergey Suchkov

Sechenov University, Russia


Sergey Suchkov was born in the City of Astrakhan, Russia, in a family of dynasty medical doctors. In 1980, graduated from Astrakhan State Medical University and was awarded with MD. In 1985, Suchkov maintained his PhD as a PhD student of the I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy and Institute of Medical Enzymology. In 2001, Suchkov maintained his Doctor Degree at the National Institute of Immunology, Russia. From 1989 through 1995, Dr Suchkov was being a Head of the Lab of Clinical Immunology, Helmholtz Eye Research Institute in Moscow. From 1995 through 2004 - a Chair of the Dept for Clinical Immunology, Moscow Clinical Research Institute (MONIKI). In 1993-1996, Dr Suchkov was a Secretary-in-Chief of the Editorial Board, Biomedical Science, an international journal published jointly by the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK.

Hoshang Kolivand

Liverpool John Moores University, UK


Hongwei Zhu has completed his PhD from Tsinghua University, China and postdoctoral studies from Japan and USA, respectively. His research interests include multi-scale synthesis and assembly, characterizations and applications of low dimensional materials. Currently, he is a vice-dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University. He has authored 5 books and 10+ invited book chapters, received 20+ patents and published 200+ journal papers including Science, Chem. Soc. Rev., Sci. Adv., Adv. Mater. and Nano Lett., with >15000 citations.

Eduard Babulak

Institute of Technology and Business in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic


Professor Eduard Babulak is accomplished international scholar, researcher, consultant, educator, professional engineer and polyglot, with more than thirty years of experience. He served as successfully published and his research was cited by scholars all over the world. He serves as Chair of the IEEE Vancouver Ethics, Professional and Conference Committee.

Jiangtao Cheng

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA


Jiangtao Cheng completed his Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics at Peking University in 1991; Master's degree in Computer Science at Purdue University in 2002 and; Doctorate degree in Physics in 2002. In 2007, he accepted an offer from the Teledyne Scientific Company (formerly Rockwell Science Center) as a Research Scientist III for the next four years. He returned to academia in 2011 as an Associate Professor at University of North Texas. In 2015, he joined Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech as an Associate Professor. His areas of expertise include: “Sustainable energy and renewable energy; optofluidics and electrofluidics; microfluidics and nanofluidics; thermal-fluid science and heat transfer; thermal management and microelectronics cooling. Recently, he introduced surface plasmon resonance and terahertz technology in his research in thermal-fluid science.

Simone Musso

Aramco Services Company, MA


Dr. Simone Musso is Senior Scientist at the Aramco research center. He uses his expertise in synthesis and application of nanomaterials and nanocomposites to improve drilling and completion practices, for a more efficient/safe upstream petroleum industry. He has led several successful industry-academia collaborations and his expertise is well represented by 61 papers, several patents, and products. He has been invited to become a scientific reviewer for the Kazakhstani National Center of Science and Technology, scientific advisor for Enhanced Nano Composites Inc., and he was awarded the Honorary Fellowship of the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials.

Maria Augustyniak

University of Silesia, Poland


Professor, PhD, DSc Maria Augustyniak is working as a Full Professor in Department of Animal Physiology and Ecotoxicology, University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. Major scientific interests of professor Maria Augustyniak are toxicity/biocompatibility of graphene oxide and nanodiamonds (and other nanoparticles); aging theory, stress theory and the theory of natural selection under anthropogenic pressure; ecotoxicology; assessment of DNA stability under the influence of various environmental stress factors, including nanoparticles. Results of her works are published in prestigious journals, including: Carbon, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Fish & Shellfish Immunology, Chemosphere, Environmental Research, Scientific Reports, Environmental Pollution and many others.

Menchita F. Dumlao

Philippine Women's University, Philippines


Menchita F Dumlao is currently the Research Director of Philippine Women's University, Philippines. Concurrently, she is an Associate Professor and Program Chair of Department of Information Technology and Technology Consultant of Imergex Information Technology, Inc. Her research interest is in the area of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Masahiro Fukumoto

Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan


Dr. Fukumoto has completed his Ph.D from Keio University, Japan. He is currently Professor at Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan. He has published more than 200 papers in reputed journals and 280 papers in the proceedings of International Conferences.

Yanjun Li

Osaka University, Japan


Y J Li has completed her phd from the university of Tsukuba, Japan during 1998-2001. From 2001-2003, she was a Research Fellow at institute for molecular science, Okazaki, National Research Institutes, Japan. From 2004-2009, she worked as visiting Associate professor at Osaka University, Japan and fromm 2010- Present, as an Associate professor at Osaka University, Japan. She has published more than 70 papers in reputed journals.

Peiqing La

Lanzhou University of Technology China


Matteo Tonezzer

University of Trento, Italy


Matteo Tonezzer received his PhD degree “cum laude” from the Faculty of Physics at the University of Trento, Italy. His thesis was regarding the optimization of inorganic and organic nanostructured materials toward gas sensing. In 2011, he won the Young Scientist Award from the European Materials Research Society (EMRS). He worked in research centers in France (ESRF), Brazil (UFMG), Vietnam (HUST), Italy (INFM, CNR) and USA (GeorgiaTech). He is currently working for IMEM at the Italian National Research Council. He is author of more than a dozen papers on international journals and contributed, also with invited talks, to tens of international conferences..

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