International Conference and Expo on
Occupational Health and Safety
June 11-12, 2020 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tiziano Zanin

Vice President AITIC, Italy


Tiziano Zanin is working as a Vice President AITIC Associazione Italiana Tecnici di Laboratorio Biomedico, S.C. Laboratorio di Genetica Umana, E.O. Ospedale Galliera, Genova, Italy. Through these years he took part in more than 199 scientific refreshment courses, both national and international. Since 2002, some of the courses (especially those specific of the laboratory area) have been qualified from the Ministry of Health for the ECM (Continued Education in Medicine); of these courses, he personally planned the training event. He has gained his Masters Degree in Remote teaching applied to ITC and Health Sciences in Medicine 110/110 University of Genoa,Italy. He has organizational competences both in the human resources management and in the material resources one as well. He also works with the Health Ministry as Expert consultant for the ECM programme by the Health Ministry. He has been appointed as a National Delegate of Aggregate Members of the Direction Board of SIAPEC IAP for the years 2002/2004. He has been appointed as A.I.T.I.C. Delegate by the Direction Board of SIAPEC IAP. He has done various projects in developing countries like Tanzania, Palestine, Uganda, Benin. Through the years, He organized and planned various Congresses and Refreshment Courses for Technicians both for Biomedic Laboratory and for Histology and Pathologic Anatomy Laboratory. He is a member of the following Scientific Associations: A.I.T.I.C. (Associazione Italiana Tecnici di Istologia e Citologia), founded and registered in 2002, by which he is a member of the Direction Board. At present, he organizes and plans training events for the ECM project within the Biomedic Laboratory Technicians Area. From 2011 he is a member of the Direction Board P.O.F (Patologi Oltre Frontiera Onlus), and he is a member of the Direction Board since May 2005.G.S.T.F. (Global Science and Technology Forum)

Jozef Sabol

Turkish National Police Academy,Pragu


Jozef Sabol is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Crisis Management, Faculty of Security Management, Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Pragu,Czech Republic. He has worked in various areas related to the CBRN, where he published six text books, published in scientific journal more than 100 papers and presented about 50 papers at the international conferences and congresses. Dr. J. Sabol is specializing especially in the safety and security of use of radiation and nuclear technologies in industry, medicine and science as well as the application of these technologies for construction of WMD including radiological weapons. He worked for the International Agency for Atomic Energy in Vienna and lectured at several universities abroad.

Segundo Mesa Castillo

Psychiatric Hospital of Havana,Cuba


Segundo Mesa Castillo. As Specialist in Neurology, he worked for 10 years in the Institute of Neurology of Havana, Cuba. He has worked in Electron Microscopic Studies on Schizophrenia for 32 years. He was awarded with the International Price of the Stanley Foundation Award Program and for the Professional Committee to work as a fellowship position in the Laboratory of the Central Nervous System Studies, National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke under Dr. Joseph Gibbs for a period of 6 months, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, Washington D.C. USA, June 5, 1990.

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