International Conference & Exhibition on
Oil, Gas and Petroleum Engineering
August: 20-21, 2020 | Miami, USA

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Applications in Petroleum

Big-Data Operations in Oil and Gas Industry

Bio Refinery

Catalytic Cracking

Chemical Applications in Producing Oil and Gas

Coal and Natural Gas

Conventional and Unconventional Resources


Energy and Environment Nexus

Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery

Gasoline (petrol)

Geology & Exploration

Hazardous Standards in Oil and Gas Sector

Hydraulic Fracturing

Jet Fuel

Mining Engineering

Modeling and Simulation Technologies

Nano Science Technology

Natural gas

Oil and Gas Technology

Oil, Gas & Water Management

Oil, Gas Exploration and Production

Oil Refining

Petrochemistry in Industries

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Exploration & Field Management

Petroleum Geology

Petroleum Refining

Renewable Energy Sources

Reservoir Engineering

Sustainable Business in Petrochemical Industries

Sustainable Energy Technologies

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Chemical Reaction Applications



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