International Conference and Exhibition on
Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Engineering
May 21-22, 2020 | Athens, Greece

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Quantum Mechanics

Astrophysics and cosmology

Laser, Optics & Photonics

Gravitational Physics

Astronomy and Space Science

Pure and Applied Physics

Applied Mathematics

Condensed Matter Physics

Nuclear Fission & Fusion

Nuclear Radioactive decay

Plasma Physics

Particle and Nuclear Physics

High Energy physics

Quantum Science

Quantum Optics

Nuclear technology in Industry and Research

Nuclear Reactor Control

Development Nuclear Energy for New Europe

Atomic and Nuclear Nomenclature

Quantum Technology

Quantum Chromo dynamics

Nano-photonics and Nano-Materials

Modern Physics Concepts

Radiation doses and Hazard Assessment

Fundamental Concepts of Nuclear Engineering


Theoretical Particle Physics

Quantum Metaphysics

Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Material Science

Quantum Electronic

Quantum Physics

Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Science


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