International Conference and Exhibition on
Biomedical Electronics and Devices
August : 13-14, 2020 | Hotel NH Venezia Laguna Palace, Venice, Italy

Visa Information

Visa Information:

On request, the Congress Secretariat will be pleased to send letters of invitation to individual scientists. Invitations of this kind are intended to assist potential delegates to raise their travel funds or obtain visas. They do not imply any commitment or responsibility on behalf of the Congress to provide financial support. Please note that letters of invitation can only be sent after receipt of registration and payment of full registration fee.

Please note that Visa applications can take a while to be processed, so please send us your request for a letter of invitation in due time.

Italy Entry Requirements

All EU / EEA nationals will only need to present an identification document to enter Italy, due to the common travel area of the Schengen Zone, part of which Italy is.

On the meantime, if you are a non-EU/EEA traveler wishing to visit Italy, San Marino or Vatican, you will need to present the following at the Italian port of entry, in order to be permitted to enter:

  • A valid passport or travel document. Valid for at least three more months beyond their planned date of Exit from Schengen, and issued within the last 10 years.
  • A visa – if they are subject to Italian visa regime.

*British passport holders are exempt from the criteria of passport validity and issuance date.

Who Needs a Schengen Visa to Enter Italy?

You will need a short-stay visa to enter Italy and any other member country of the  Schengen zone, if you belong to one of the following categories:


For more details about how and where to get a Visa to Venice/Itlay, please review the details available under the following web links:

Wiki How to get Visa to Venice/Itlay visa

It is advisable to take out travel insurance for your trip.




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