International Conference and Expo on
Condensed Matter Physics
June 08-09, 2020 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Visa Information

A Malaysia Visa is granted to foreign nationals who wish to enter Malaysia, and who are citizens of visa-subject countries.
Malaysian Visas only allows the holder to travel to Malaysia, where they will be subject to border checks upon arrival. This means that a visa is not a complete guarantee that you can stay in Malaysia, for any purpose. It is the Immigration Officer at the entry point who decides whether you can enter Malaysia or not.
The Immigration Officer at the entry point will issue all foreign travelers a Pass. Malaysia Passes are an endorsement in your passport which states that you are allowed to stay in the country and for how long. Even if you are not required to obtain a Malaysian visa prior to travel, you will still receive a Pass on your passport and be subject to immigration check at the entry point.
As such, a Malaysia Visa is simply a pre-entry requirement – you will need the permission of the Immigration Officer to actually enter.
What Are the Document Required for a Malaysian Visa?
The required documents for Malaysia visa are as follows:
Completed Malaysia Visa Application Form.
Valid passport.
Flight itinerary.
Proof of accommodation.
No Objection Letter from your employer.
Proof of sufficient funds.
Proof of paid Malaysian visa fee.
Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate (if applicable).

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