International Conference and Expo on
Materials Science and Nanoscience
June 08-09, 2020 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Materials Science & Engineering

Optoelectronic Applications

Plasmonic Nanomaterials

Advances in Nano Materials Science

Polymer Nanoscience

Materials Science-Fundamentals

Energy Materials

Surface Science

Materials Chemistry

Nanomedicine Applications

Molecular Nanotechnology

Advances in Dielectric Materials


Biomedical Engineering

Graphene Materials

Materials Manufacturing

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Electronic and Magnetic Materials

Nanotech in Photonics

Polymer Science and Materials

Big data in Materials Science


Carbon Nanomaterials

Green Nanotechnology

Industrial Coating Materials

Nanomaterials Safety and regulations

Ceramic Materials

Emerging areas of Materials Science


Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites

Composite Materials

Organic and Inorganic materials

Material Science in Metal Alloys

2D Materials

Materials for Energy applications

Functional Materials

Solar Energy Materials

Nano Drug Delivery for Neurological Disorders

Biomedical micro/nano devices for cellular

Nano Structure and Nano Particle

Medical Nano Science

Nano Biochemistry

Molecular Diagnostics

Nano technology and Surgery

Nanotechnology for plant nutrition

Nano Physics

Graphene Nanostructures

Auxetic materials and metamaterials



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