International Conference and Expo on
Obesity and Diet Management
June 11,12 | Kuala lumpur,Malaysia

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Eating disorders and metabolism

Role of steroids and harmones in obesity

Pediatric nutrition

Balanced diet and chronic diseases

Genetics of obesity

Obesity surgical and non surgical treatment

Obesity and cardiac health

Obesity and high protien diet

Dietery components and immune functions

Prevention and management of obesity

Diet management studies

Update on vitamins and dietery components

Obesity and weight loss management

Diet: health span and agieng

Nutritional lipodemics

Vaccienes -obesity drugs

Effect of obesity on womens health

Bioenergitics and dietery intervensions


Nutrition and brain health

Dietary phytochemicals and preventions

Obesity and pyschiatric disorder

Impact of steroids and harmones

Weight management

Malnutrition or nutritional defeciency

Obesity and cardiovascular dieseases

Risk factors associated with obesity

Thyroid and obesity

Ayurveda and naturopathic medicines

Yoga councelling and physical therapy

Food quality and nutrition

Dietary supplements and neutraceticals

Diet and gastrointestinal health

Holistic nutrition

Obesity and depression

Health span and aging

Vaccienes-based approaches for treating obesity

Vitamins therapies of chronic diseases

Imbalance diet: effects and causes

Dietary components and immune functions

Functional food

Weight loss medications

Effect of obesity on pregnancy

Sports Nutrition

Causes of cancer due to Obesity

obesity and Endocrinology

obesity-Bariatric surgery

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Bariatric Surgery

Oncology -obesity


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